The Gamblers Story in Asia

No matter which corner of the world you are in, when someone mentions gambling, your word association automatically takes you to Las Vegas, Nevada. So synonymous is Vegas with gambling that people are finding it difficult to think of anywhere else in the world to gamble. For instance, a lot of people are unaware of the fact that gambling in South East Asian countries like Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and China (in Macau and Hong Kong) is legal and there a lot of casinos out there that will cater to the needs and whims of the discerning gamblers and travelers. For the most part, South East Asian countries are better known as tourist hubs. Even their promotional advertising focuses more on the tourist aspect – pegging these countries as family destinations where families can enjoy the beautiful landscapes as well as the lovely local culture and heritage. However, the nightlife and entertainment angle is often missed out. Here’s a look and countries outside of the US where gambling takes place and the amount per head that people lost while gambling

  • Spain – on Average, a Spaniard loses around $418 per person in gambling. But that trend might be set to reduce since Spain is now discovering gambling online
  • Greece – you wouldn’t think that Greece would figure on this list since the economy is in such bad shape! However, the logic is that gambling serves as a distraction from the worries of life, or in this case, the economy.
  • Norway – while it is illegal to gamble in some pockets of the country, Norway has produced some of the world’s best gamblers. Their gambling loss per head is $431.
  • Hong Kong – neighbor of Macau, this country has legalized gambling, but sports betting is illegal here.
  • Italy – online gambling has been made legal in Italy, and gamblers can play online 24/7. At the moment Italy is the largest poker playing market in Europe with a gambling loss per head of $500
  • Finland – another online poker hub, Finland is home to a large number of gamblers 51% of Finnish adults claim that they gamble every day.
  • Canada – an average, gambling, Canadian adult loses around $570! That’s right. 75% of the adult population in Canada gambles.
  • Ireland – a lack of cohesive regulations has gained Ireland quite the reputation! A gambling adult loses roughly $600 on average!
  • Singapore – the world’s third largest gaming centre is located in Singapore, and Singaporeans, it turns out, love losing their money! A gambling adult loses around $1100 but that simply doesn’t deter them!
  • Australia – the friendly neighbours in the Southern hemisphere are one of those people who bet on literally anything, and we mean anything. Such is their proclivity for betting that on average a gambling adult in Australia loses around $1300. You read that right roulette demo.

One of the most popular gambling centres aside from Vegas is Macau. This erstwhile Portugese colony was handed over to the mainland back in 1999. Since then, it has earned itself the title of “Vegas of China”. The moniker is justified since Macau has been making more from gambling than any other country since 2006. That is a decade of huge revenues from gambling.

Macau is also one of the richest regions in the world with its GDP ranked highest by the World Bank. What’s interesting to note is that the major part of Macau’s economy is based on Tourism, while textile and garment manufacturing are also important to the region, tourism trumps everything else.Macau is one of many Asian regions that are thriving on the basis of tourism and gambling.

Interestingly, experts suggest that the Asian region has some of the world’s largest casinos. With revenues ranging from USD 1.75 billion to USD5.5 billion, the casinos in Asia are taking in the cash as well as earning all the plaudits for being the world’s best gambling centres. 8 of the top 10 highest earning the remaining two are in Singapore.Even though other countries

have casinos and gambling centres, Macau and Singapore seem to be offering something truly special to people that they’ve taken to it so much! If you’re thinking of planning a vacation with some gambling, then it’s time to let go of Vegas and explore Asia. The continent is brimming with hospitality experiences anyway, thanks to its tourism industry, some gambling in the tropics won’t hurt!

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